Rohan Kumar Bhoi



In my role as Founder and CEO of, I lead with a comprehensive skill set in computer engineering, encompassing web development, Data Science, Machine Learning, and web design. As a dedicated influencer with over 2000 Instagram followers, I amplify my knowledge-sharing ethos, resonating with the belief in karma. Guided by this principle, I’ve launched a groundbreaking startup, offering economically disadvantaged students free access to vital computer skills, aligning my journey with the pursuit of knowledge and social empowerment.

My dynamic profile, as both a tech innovator and social influencer, defines my journey. At the helm of, I harness my proficiency in computer engineering, spanning web design, Data Science, and Machine Learning. Bolstered by 2000+ Instagram followers, my commitment to knowledge propagation echoes my karma-driven philosophy. Pioneering a startup, I extend this ethos by providing underprivileged students with essential computer skills, fortifying my path with the twin pillars of education and societal progress.


2023 - Present

Senior Development Manager

As a Senior Development Manager at RushirajGroups, led by Mr. Rushikesh Nagwe, I oversee operations encompassing LIC policies, digital services, and consultancy, contributing to a comprehensive range of client-centered financial solutions.

2020 - Present

Founder and CEO

As CEO of, I lead a global initiative, offering free Computer Courses, Programming Language Notes, and digital learning resources. Empowering economically disadvantaged students, we’re dedicated to worldwide skill enhancement, fostering equitable education.

2019 - 2022

Web Developer & Content Writer

Computer Tips

In my role at Computer Tips, I excelled as a web developer and content writer. The platform offers free Computer Courses, Programming Language Notes, and online solutions, enriching users with valuable tech insights.


2020 - 2023

Diploma in Computer Engineering

Zeal Education Society, Pune Maharashtra

With an impressive 86% in computer engineering diploma, I excelled academically. Renowned as “Mr. Perfect” by professors, I showcased exceptional prowess in programming and general knowledge. As a team leader throughout six semesters, our consistent top-ranking performances in project competitions underscore my commitment to excellence and leadership.

2017 - 2020

High Schooling - 10th

Bhairavnath Vidyalay Bhigwan

Graduating from Bhairavnath Vidyalaya Bhigwan with a stellar 90%, I stood out as the top student. Teachers commended my exceptional performance, awarding me the first rank in class and the second rank across the school. My high school journey reflects a dedication to academic excellence and consistent achievement.